1. Purchasing products via “Nostrum Fast Order ” –

In this document Home Meal Replacement, SA sets policy set for purchase and return service “Nostrum Fast Order” which allows consumers to buy on-line products marketed in establishments operating under the brand Nostrum by applying for electronic devices, “Nostrum”, to pick up at the establishment Nostrum that the customer prefers.

1.1 Order-

Customers must download the Application for electronic devices, “Nostrum”, where you can select, in the “Nostrum Fast Order” section, products marketed in establishments Nostrum as well as store and pickup time order placed.

  1. Order cancellation.-

Once the order is formalized, the chosen establishment shall then prepare it, and carry the products from direct sales to customers in the store. Once the order is confirmed in the application it can’t be cancelled.

The final application will request user confirmation once completed the order and before payment. This confirmation is done served the order can not be cancelled, in any case, once the payment is made.

  1. Return of products Policy.-

The products sold in Nostrum stores, are cooked food and other perishable products that have a limited period of time for consumption and conservation of certain conditions that must be maintained at all times.

Given the perishability of marketed products outlets operating under the brand Nostrum, the buyer has no right to return products after picking them up in the establishment of collection.

At the time of delivering the order at the store, the customer must examine the products, checking that they are in good condition and that they correspond to the order placed by the Application. Once verified, and the package was delivered, the buyer may not return any product.

This policy of return is based on the perishability of the products available in the “Fast Order Nostrum” Application service “Nostrum”, and to ensure proper sanitary hygienic conditions of these products and that they maintain intact its properties at the time of repayment.

In view of the vast network of stores where users can pick up their orders, Home Meal Replacement, SA You can not guarantee that the chosen point of sale stipulates all products purchased via the application “Nostrum”.

In the event that for inventory reasons, the establishment should not have chosen collection of all products of the order placed, customers can exchange the product unavailable for another of equal value or may request a refund of the amount paid for the product unavailable.

If you request a refund of the amount paid for a product that stock is not in the chosen establishment, the customer must arrange such return at the time in the same establishment. The store will pay the given amount in cash.

Home Meal Replacement, S.A. assumes no responsibility in the event that the establishment does not have any of the products purchased by Application “Nostrum”. However, Home Meal Replacement, S.A. will make every reasonable effort to ensure the supply of all products to its network of establishments Nostrum.

  1. Limited warranty

Attended the perishable nature of the products sold in stores Nostrum, Home Meal Replacement, SA It guarantees its good condition, provided that the product is not open nor the cold chain break thereof until the expiration date printed on the product itself.

The buyer can not return or exchange the goods once accepted delivery of the products in the store. Therefore, the buyer must inspect the goods at the time of receiving the product and must state immediately, on site, any defect or lack of conformity that could claim.

  1. Disclaimer liability.-

The conditions of purchase and return set out in this document supersede any other express or implied warranty. Home Meal Replacement, S.A. excludes and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any other warranties.

Home Meal Replacement, SA is exempt from any liability for claims about defects in the product caused by improper use by the consumer, the improper selection, misapplication of the product or incorrect maintenance of the product by the consumer involving the breaking of the cold chain product or derived product does not maintain proper health and hygiene conditions.

  1. Current Legislation

The following terms and conditions shall be interpreted and implemented in accordance with the Spanish legislation.

The parties will make the most in order to resolve by negotiation any dispute, controversy or difference that relates to the provisions of this agreement efforts. For any doubt, question or dispute that may arise between the parties, the parties expressly waive their own jurisdiction and domicile, submit to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Manresa and their superiors.

  1. Contact.-

For questions, problems or queries, the buyer may write to Home Meal Replacement, SA , CIF: A-60578200 and registered office in Sant Vicenc de Castellet, Industrial Park “Les Vives” c / Anaïs Nin, s / n, the buyer can contact the email address:


How to place my order?

Download the Application for electronic devices “Nostrum”.

Access the service “Fast Order Nostrum”

Select the desired products, one of our stores where you pick and time that best suits you.

Confirm your order. Remember that you can not cancel it then.

You can pay quickly and easily with your card.

You will receive a confirmation email.

And your order will be waiting in your store “Nostrum” when we have indicated.

  1. How to cancel my order?

Unfortunately, as separate and prepare the order at the same time when you confirm it, you can not cancel once confirmed.

  1. How to return my order and what conditions exist return?

Attended the perishable nature of the products that are available in the Application of “Nostrum”, can not be returned products once the receipt thereof in setting chosen collection.

We recommend that at the time of delivery of the order at the store, the customer carefully examines the products, checking that they are in good condition and if they correspond to the order placed. Once verified, and the package is delivered, the customer can not return any product.

  1. What if the store where you pick up my order has not chosen any product?

In the event that for reasons of inventory, setting chosen collection does not have all products in the order placed, you can change the product unavailable for another of equal value or can request a refund of the amount paid for such product is not available.

The store will refund the product cost in cash, only in the event that the purchased product is not available at the store at the established time.

  1. Where I can get my product?

You can collect your order at any point of sale operating under the “Nostrum”.

  1. How to locate encircling my store?

Find your nearest store is very easy, if you allow the application to access your location, it will indicate the stores nearby.

But you can always access our website, check where we are and create your list of favourite places.

In any case, the application allows you to select any of our stores.

  1. What if I do not pick up my order?

Once selected any of our stores, we will prepare the order at that time. You will have 24 hours to pick up your order, counting from the time you’ve stated.

If you do not collect the products in this period of time, we cancel your order. In that case, the amount paid is not refundable.

  1. Need more information?

You can send an email to: We will answer as soon as possible.